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Members of our team have worked in the construction industry, and understand the need for fast efficient junk removal. After scheduling site services with other companies, we realized the need for a junk removal company that is responsive, and committed to customer service.  We're a one-stop shop for your junk removal needs. Call to schedule your roll-off dumpster rental today.

Dumpsters Available

15 yard dumpster $350 for 7 day rental. (1 ton dump included)

20 yard dumpster $450 for 7 day rental. (2 ton dump included)

$5 per day after 7 Days. $60 per every ton over tonnage limit


**Dumpster rental payment is due at drop off. Any additional fees will be charged after dumping. Prices are for one delivery/dump. Each additional dump/delivery will be charged a new rental fee.

*Call us about our free rental for scrap metal disposal (*terms and conditions apply)

*Additional Delivery Charge may apply for dumpsters delivered outside of Parker or Hood County

Bumble Bee Dumpsters

Roll Off Dumpster Rental


Coppell, TX

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Helpful tips

Things we CANNOT accept in our dumpsters!!!  

Prohibited Waste List*

Additional fee of ($50-$200) if found while dumping.

As per Landfill.**

Food Waste

 Liquids (of any kind)



Air Conditioners


Whole Tires

Radioactive Material

Incinerator Ash

Contaminated Soil

Oil or Gas in liquid form or in filters

Gas Containers or any containers that have gas them in them

Freon or anything containing Freon

Treatment Plant Sludge

Grease & Grit Trap Waste

Closed Containers such as Barrels (must be cut into 1/4's triple rinsed)


Medical Waste

Septic Tank Pumping

Anything labeled Hazardous Waste

PCB Waste (microwaves, Florescent Light Bulbs, TV's, and Computer Monitors)


As a renter you are responsible for the contents of the container, and any damage (other than normal wear and tear) that occurs to our container while on your site. We are not responsible for cleaning up trash around the dumpster at pickup. We hope this answers any questions you may have.